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From High School to Now,

I love what I do!

I started my television journey back in my junior year of high school.  My last hour was physics and I wasn’t getting it so I decide to try work study.  I sold myself to the local cable company as  their first high school intern for their Local Originations channel, later to be hired full time as an engineer.  I stayed there a few years after graduating and then went to a sister cable company as their production truck engineer.  A year later I moved on to pursue a career as a freelance camera operator and engineer.  Over 34 years later I am still going strong and loving what I do. 


About 8 years ago I looked into promotional products as a hobby and another avenue for revenue.  From Tee-shirts to jackets, coffee mugs to jump drives, you think it up and let’s make it happen.


Can’t say enough about how much I enjoy what I do. 

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